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The Indian festival of Navratri that symbolizes worship and celebration of Goddess Durga for 9 days followed by Dassera the 10th day of liberation.  For Indians originated from the Southern part of India, Navratri is the occasion to invite over friends, relatives and neighbors to see the Golu. Golu is decorative display of various dolls and figurines; that either tell a story or display the passions of the family such as music, dance and other forms of art.

Raas (Garba and dandiya) are the two beautiful form of Gujarati dances which is usually performed by men and women, who are traditionally dressed in the colorful traditional outfits of Chaniya Choli and Kurta. The Sharon Indian American community has in the past years celebrated Navratri with food, dance and Golu thereby providing the community a local avenue to celebrate traditions, culture and socialize with friends and family from their home country.

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