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Legend has it that the Indian - American community in Sharon celebrated its first communal Diwali a little over a quarter century ago. It happened in the family room of one of the pioneers. Over the quarter century since that first diya was lit by those pioneers for their communal celebration of Diwali in Sharon, the scale of the functional has grown tremendously. As the size of the Indian community in Sharon and surrounding towns has grown during this period, a somewhat more formalized and sustainable structure for organizing the event has evolved. The organizing committee that we have in place today is the result of that evolution. This committee is not a registered organization, but every year it goes through some organization changes to keep up with the growth of the community, bring in new ideas it goes and organizational skills, and provide a continuously improving forum to showcase and foster the artistic talent of our children. The purpose of this annual event is to joyfully celebrate - as a community, bound together by our unique cultural heritage - the grand festival of Diwali and, even more important to pass on this excitement to the next generation.

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